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from  Loving your pics !!!!

What kind of camera are you using ? and what is your favorite lens you like to use the most ?

On your snow picture what settings are you using to get your snow that white ? My snow always turn grey.

How do you get your pics so crips looking ? Do you shop them ??

Thank you
Angela Previous Response:
from ashley nicholas
on June 23, 2013
 Hi Angela,thank you for commenting. I am using the canon 50D. The 18/55 lense is the one I use 80% of the time. As far as the snow I always keep it simple and use the landscape setting and always use a polorizor. The polarizor crisps up the color and cuts down the glair.I will often use Photoshop to crop and mess around with the contrast and saturation. Those are usually the only things I do to my Photos. Sometimes I go for a complete overhall of a photo. like the ones I have in the PS folder.

hope that helps'

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